Check out these awesome home-gyms

Normally with our blogs we like to be informative, and advisory. However, in this blog we just simply want to admire and be in awe of some of these home-gym set ups. 

All are unique, and all have their purposes for their owners. One thing though that is always included, and NEEDS to be included is our Heavy Hitters Aqua Bags. 

Why Heavy Hitters?

Weight training is important, and so is cardio. But why not combine those two, by dabbling in the world of boxing whilst working out?

Heavy Hitters bags, are not intimidating or hard work to hit. They are simple, soft of the wrists and do just the trick to get your heart rate up pre-workout or post workout. 

Haven't managed to hit your desired weight goal? No worries take it out on Heavy Hitters. Can't bench the next 10kg up and it's frustrating the hell out of you? Again take it out on Heavy Hitters.

5-10 minutes of punching combinations and footwork movement is all it takes to get a serious sweat on. And guess what? Hitting those goals still matters, but you can focus your mind on completing those challenges whilst your throwing jabs, upper-cuts and hooks for next time. 

Anyway... We are side-tracking from our original post. Here's some awesome home-gyms for you guys to check out and get inspired on!



Garden Home-Gym set up. Featuring the 22" Lava Red.


The Garden Gym in The Gambia featuring our 22" concept Navy Blue.


16 inch

This little 16" Lava Red Bag being the pride and joy of this customers Home-Gym.


This 16" is perfect alongside this treadmill and dumbbell set-up. 

Looking for further inspiration? Follow the HomeGym UK community YouTube channel. We offer a 15% discount code within their video. Be sure to check it out, to get great money off our products. 

If you've got any content you'd like to share with us of your home-gym. Get in touch and we will happily promote. Remember to follow us on the following social media channels. Facebook, Instagram and YouTube for more content.

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