Heavy Hitters in Africa

We don't get too many orders to Africa. In fact we haven't had any until very recently. A customer of ours who wishes to remain anonymous had recently been in The Gambia - West Africa where she was providing aid-relief to a country where 48% of it's nation is in poverty. 

Whilst working out there, she came across a group of young men who had created their very own 'Garden Gym'. 

We were curious to find out more about this 'Garden Gym' in The Gambia, and who had set it up.

The Garden Gym - The Gambia

The Garden Gym was set up by Sidat Sanneh, and his main aim was to provide a fun, safe and friendly place for his local community to workout. A lot of the equipment at the gym is either made by themselves through smelting down scrap metal (we do not recommend this) or through second hand donations.


From hearing their story, we wanted to help out. We donated one of our 22" Aqua Bags and chain kit to the customer, who then sent out the gear to Sidat and the team. 

The Aqua Bag is perfect for their set up, as the commercial grade vinyl will be able to withstand all the elements compared to leather punch bags. 

Since the bag has been assembled their membership has more than doubled. Which is great news! We are soon to be teaming up with Home Gym UK Community in finding ways to support 'The Garden Gym' further. 

If you want to donate some of your old gym equipment, get in touch with ourselves and we can pass on the customers details who has direct communications with Sidat and the gym. 

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