Miguel's Gym Partnership

We are always forward thinking at Heavy Hitters, and endlessly looking for new opportunities to evolve and grow. 
That's why we have recently teamed up with Miguel's Gym in London. Miguel's is one of the best known boxing gyms in the UK. It is well known for producing and training some of the UK's top fighters including Dillian Whyte, Freezy MacBones, Kheron Gilipin and Isaac Braveso.
This partnership is something that benefits both ourselves and Miguel's. Our Aqua Bags have a permanent home at their location, and allows us to get premium content from some of their professional fighters. 
Miguel's in return get our endless support with our kit and equipment. Plus our in-house Videography will be producing content for Miguel's to share on their social media and website. 
The last 18 months has created massive uncertainty in all industries. However there is an argument that Gyms have been one of the hardest hit due to forced closures from lockdowns and Covid restrictions. 
That's why we have teamed up with Miguel's to create a partnership and business support network, that will mutually benefit both of us.

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