We like to be different, we try to push boundaries, so we decided to run a campaign with our good friends, Payday Vintage, to bring you a classic mix of old skool athleisure wear and new skool punchbag technology. See how it turned our HERE
Trend setting and collabs are what we do! The message is simple. It's fashion meets power, strength and fitness.
At Heavy Hitters we are known for disrupting the traditional boxing market. Our water punchbags allow for a new era of boxer, this is because the bags allow for you to be flexible with your home workouts. You can train outside, or inside the choice is yours. You can also train harder and longer due to the bag being a lot softer on your hands compared to traditional leather punch bags. 
boxing heavy hitters
So why Payday Vintage?
Payday Vintage is a young, edgy outlet, that sells old school vintage clothing. Regularly dropping Nike, Adidas, YSL, Carhartt and Stone Island classics.
check out their store below.
Payday Vintage x Heavy Hitters Model
The 'edge' that Payday Vintage has is what we love at Heavy Hitters, and we're not afraid to show it! That's why we made a fashion promo video with them, to showcase their new S/S 2021 collection.
We believe in their message, which is "If you train hard in the gym. Why not also look good in the gym too?"
Nike - Daisy Boxing
If you don't know already? Boxing is one of the best ways in improving your cardio, and is also great for improving your mental health!
If you're looking for the ultimate home workout and are interested in our product range check out our Heavy Hitters Punchbags. You won't be disappointed! 
Elspeth Adidas Heavy Hitters
 Later in 2021 we will also be dropping our own apparel. Subscribe now to keep up to date, and get 10% OFF your first order.
Don't just wear the same old boring workout clothing. Get creative! Get Payday! Get Heavy Hitters!

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