What size Aqua Bag is right for me?

What size aqua bag should I buy?

This is the most frequent question we get asked.

And here is our answer

The quick answer is, it depends on a number of key factors. However, to help you in your choice we have put together a few key points to consider. 

1) What are your training goals? 

Are you looking to train for competitive action or are you looking to keep fit. If you are looking at competitive training then our recommendation is our 22" 90kg Heavy Hitters Water Punch Bag as this offers a really heavy bag perfect for athletes looking to hone their skills.

If you are looking more from a fitness perspective then the 16" or 18" Heavy Hitters Water Punch bag maybe the better choice for you. with a weight range of 30 and 50kg they provide amble resistance for the amateur and for boxing fitness training. 


What size aqua bag should i buy?

2) How much space do you have?

Another key consideration is how much space you actually have available. You may have limited space such a spare room, corner of the garage or an outside mount. Our recommendation would therefore be our a 16" Heavy Hitters Water punch bag which has a 16" diameter or our 18" Heavy Hitters Water punch bag. Both are nice compact bags with more than enough weight to give a solid workout. 

If you have plenty of space then it would be down to personal preference. We do offer many types of bracket solutions as you can find here.

What size aqua bag should i buy?

3) What ability are you?

Our final factor in determining which size water punch bag should I go for is your ability. The longer you have trained and more experienced you are then the larger the bag you should go for. For newbies or people focused on fitness then the smaller two bags would be more than adequate. For those amateur and professional boxes/MMA then the larger sized works best. 

What size aqua bag should i buy?


Whatever size you opt for always ensure you have a sturdy bracket which can take the weight. Our new range of heavy duty brackets will be available soon. 

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