Which gyms use our products?


Here at Heavy Hitters we are of course proud of our product, and truly believe in the benefits it brings to the boxing and mixed martial arts community. 

But don't just take our word for it. 

Over the last year, we have developed a loyal customer base with a number of gyms that uses our water punch bags at a number of their locations. These gyms are both local, national and international and are all unique in the services they provide to their customers. 

Some of the gyms we supply of course are Boxing Gyms. But others are specialists in MMA (mixed martial arts), Kickboxing and Cross-Fit, and some are simply entry level gyms for people looking to get fit. 

Specifically talking about our local clients, one of the gyms that utilises Heavy Hitters Water Punch Bags is Hustle in Norwich. They are a boxing centric gym that provides a friendly and inspiring experience to all its members. They cater to the entry level novice all the way through to the professional boxer.

We recently met up with Bobby who is the owner of the Norwich boxing gym, and when we asked him about what he likes most about our Heavy Hitters product he had this to say. 

"Our Heavy Hitters Water bags have been a game changer. Our members love them and we can't recommend the HH team enough"

Those were some kind words from Bobby about our product he also had this to say about our website and our shipping. 

"HH provides a great service, quick delivery and great communication throughout" 

Happy days! If you wish to find out more about Hustle their website link is below. 



If you're a gym and want to find out more about our products get in touch with us through phone, email and all relevant social media platforms. We waiting to hear from you, and show you what a 'Knockout' business we are!

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