Why Buy A Heavy Hitters Aqua punch Bag?

If you have ended up on this blog then congratulations, this is the first step in your fitness or boxing journey. So why should you buy a Heavy Hitters Aqua Bag?

1. Easy on hands & joints

Water is both heavy and forgiving. With our top specification pro bag coming in around 85-90kg it meets the heavyweight standard. It is also incredibly forgiving to the body and in particular to the hands, wrists and joint. This means you can train Longer, Harder and more Frequently with reduced injuries. Heavy Hitters Aqua Bags Easy on the hands

2. Easy to setup & re-fill

Heavy Hitters Aqua bags are perfect for both home gyms and commercial gyms as they are easy to setup. Simply hang the empty bag at the desired height, attach the free filling nozzle to the hose and fill the bag to the desired level. What's more it is easy to move (simply empty the water) and take it down or if you need to top it up, just add water!  

3. Body like feel 

Up to 60% of human body is made of water. 0% is made from sand. Therefore using an Heavy Hitters Aqua bag gives you a lifelike punching experience like no other. Once you have moved to an Aqua bag you will not look back! That's why Heavy Hitters has so many commercial customers! 

Lifelike feel  

4. Perfect for indoor / outdoor use

Do you like to train outdoors in any weather? Well the Heavy Hitters Aqua punch bag is the perfect solution for you. Attach it to a wall and leave it year round to enjoy any season training. 

5. Two year warranty

 We are so confident in our product we offer a two year warranty. 

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