Sports cross-overs is not a new thing. Especially between football, rugby and boxing. This is because boxing increases physicality levels for the upper body which is something footballers do not naturally tend to work on. 


Likewise boxing can also improve on sports teams focus and discipline because of its high tempo and need to keep on your toes. 

However, specifically talking about Heavy Hitters Aqua Bags. A five minute blow out on our Aqua Bags will definitely keep your team fit. 

Not only this, in winter months pitches can be waterlogged and frozen. Ultimately meaning that training can be postponed and this can result in your players being unfit.

Think again. If your a sports team looking to train all year round? Invest in a home gym set up with some of our bags and the results will show for themselves. 

Keep your players motivated, sharp and hungry by investing in Heavy Hitters Water Punch Bags!

We have an exclusive deal of £10.00 off for every £100.00 you spend with us, which applies to the 18", 22" and Pro Box Colossus Bracket. Get in touch with us via email or social media for us to confirm your clubs status and we can arrange this order for you!