Top tips to win your first White Collar Boxing fight

Heavy Hitters TOP TIPS to WIN

You have probably landed on this page looking for ways to win your first White Collar Boxing Fight right? Maybe this is your first fight and you are looking for some extra advice? Then you have come to the right place!

Here at Heavy Hitters we have four top tips which will allow you to get an edge on your opponent. 

Tip 1 - Training 

When starting your 6-8 week WCB (White Collar Boxing) training camp with an event organiser or boxing gym, you must truly commit to the course. 

Likewise, it's no good to simply turn up for two weeks and to then completely burn yourself out, then sparingly attend sessions only a couple of times after that. You have to listen to your coach, and gradually ease yourself into training and the winning mindset.

One of the best forms of training you can do with your boxing training is to get the basics right. It's no good to be thrown in a ring with someone without knowing how to punch, but most importantly how to protect yourself. 

Tip 2 - Diet

Diet is massively important, not only to get yourself in shape and be physically healthy, but also to get your mindset ready too. Sticking to a healthy diet is just as important as physical training. The two are intertwined, if you slip up on your fight diet, it means to say you are not fully focused on the boxing course. 

With regards to fight day food prep. It will be no good eating lots of food just before a fight, as this will make you feel sluggish and slower.

You will want to eat a small carb and protein meal with some vegetables mixed in for good measure 3 hours before the fight takes place. It is okay to stay hydrated with the use of gels and isotonic energy drinks. However, just take small sips when drinking as you don't want to become too bloated on the lead up the ring.

We have put together your perfect fight night diet, that will help you get the edge on your opponent.


For breakfast you want to have something that is going to last, and give you a slow energy release throughout the day. Having a porridge fruit bowl (Buddha Bowl) is the best option first thing. It will provide you with good carbohydrates and vitamins that will be needed to focus, train and calm the nerves.


100g frozen raspberries
150g porridge oats
100ml milk
½ banana , sliced
100g Blueberries


Lunch is going to be important as this will be your main meal before the fight. We recommend something high in protein, but equally light. 

A spinach chicken salad with pomegranate seeds is the perfect meal pre-fight. This will get you raring to go, due to its protein energy release and is easily digestible. If you are a vegetarian a great alternative are walnuts and almonds. 


250 gm Chicken breast
One packet rocket leaves
One cup pomegranate
2 chilies finely chopped
2 table spoon Dijon mustard
2 tea spoon olive oil
1 chopped garlic
Crushed Pepper

Prefight Smoothie

Due to the nerves in the lead up to the fight you may feel like not eating. Don't do this, you must get something in you. Therefore a smoothie is a great alternative to a light meal. The bananas provide nutritious carbs and the peanut butter will provide a yummy protein punch. Add honey to give yourself a slight sugar rush. Honey is not only delicious but also very healthy is small quantities. 

2 bananas, broken into chunks
2 cups milk
½ cup peanut butter
2 tablespoons honey, or to taste
2 cups ice cubes


If you are curious to know more about how to choose the right diet for you. Ask your coach or PT at your gym, and they will recommend the ideal diet for your needs and conditioning. 

Tip 3 - Home Equipment

It is all well and good training at the gym with shared boxing equipment, but to get the edge on your opponent we recommend looking at having your own punchbag and boxing equipment. This is because it will allow you to increase your sporting muscle memory by regularly having access to training at home. 

You can also practice what you have been taught at the gym within your own environment with less pressure. This can help you develop your technique better, and find out what shots and hooks work best for you!

To help you on your journey and to get focused on your first fight. We have created the perfect white collar boxing bundle which comprises of a bracket, chain and our Heavy Hitters 18" water punch bag. 

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Tip 4 - Leave Everything In The Ring

At the end of the day, we appreciate you may just be entering your first fight White Collar Boxing for either a bit of fun, or to raise money for charity.

Win, lose or draw though you want to make sure you leave everything in the ring! There is no better feeling than winning your first White Collar Boxing fight, but even if you don't win you'll want to walk away knowing that you gave it your all.

However, always respect your opponent both before and after the fight. They are likely to have the same emotions racing through them as you will, so respect one and other and enjoy the journey!