What is an "Aqua Bag?"

Our water filled punch bags (Aqua Bags) are a new alternative to traditional leather punch bags. We are the number one water punch bag supplier in the UK and are fast becoming a well recognised boxing and fitness retailer globally.
The water punch bags we sell have many advantages and are fast becoming a favourite piece of kit among many gyms, home users and boxing professionals. 

Five reasons to buy an Aqua Bag

Product Analysis

1. Soft on the hands

Our products are a lot softer when you make impact on the bag, as the water and vinyl material absorbs the punches a lot easier compared to other materials such as leather and canva. This allows you to train harder and longer in comparison to leather bags. Which will allow you to work on your technique for longer and increase your workout times. 

Looking after your hands cannot be stressed enough. Having your hands protected in boxing is vital, as without your hands you are essentially a walking target in the ring.

In boxing your hands are also constantly taking impact and increased pressure every time you throw punches. Without wraps or gloves your wrists are not reinforced, and if you were to throw a series of punches it will likely result in injury. However, this is far less likely to happen when you use our bags due to the our conscious design which is supported around health and well being.  

2. All sizes covered

We currently have three sizes of punchbags which range in weight and size. We are soon to be adding a new punch bag to our range, so keep an eye out for it soon!

The sizes we currently sell are the following 16",18" and 22".

What's the difference?

16" - This bag is smaller, lighter and is designed for more bobbing and weaving. It can seriously help with timing and combinations due to the movement it can produce with heavy punches. Naturally because it is lighter if you hit it harder you are going to generate more swing in the bag. This product is not exclusively for smaller personnel but we recommend it for featherweights, bantams and flyweight fighters. 

Due to it's size it makes it possible to move it around easier compared to the 18" and 22" water punch bags. 

18" - This bag is great for the all rounder, and for someone wanting to use the bag primarily for fitness! This is because it offers the best of both worlds, it is heavy enough to take big upper cuts but light enough to endure lengthy light jab/hook combinations. This bag is great for entry level fighters and people wishing to use the product just for workouts and fitness alone.

22"- This is the largest of our bags. It is aimed at fighters or personnel who are seriously wanting to enter the world of boxing or mixed martial arts. This bag mimics a real fight due to the way the bag absorbs the punches. It's weight is also similar to that of someone who weights over 63kg when three quarters full. 

Please note - This product will need a heavy duty bracket to hold it's weight. 

3. Commercial Grade Material

Our products are made from a commercial grade vinyl which can withstand a massive amount of stress. It will also not warp or degrade in heat, or freezing temperature this is due to the embedded UV resistant properties in the Vinyl.

4. Outdoor and Indoor Use

Our product can be used outside and inside. Unlike other punch bags it will not deteriorate due to any outside elements. This makes it a must have for home users who do not have the space, and for gyms who are looking to expand their outside facilities.

The product can be refilled and drained time and time again. Which allows customers to move the bag between locations in the winter and summer months. 

5. Easy to Wipe Down

The material of the bags makes it far easier to wipe down and clean after each session. This is extremely useful to gyms, who now have to be compliant with government guidelines regarding covid-19. 

The material also collects less dirt or dust compared to a leather bag as it does not have any lining or stitching, therefore making it easier and quicker to clean down.

Final Conclusion

If you are looking for a viable alternative to punch bags within boxing and are looking for a new way to get fit. Look no further than Heavy Hitters!

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Still not convinced? Below we have attached a pdf file for you to download, and see which gyms and personnel who use our product. This will give you all the information you need to make an informed decision on purchasing one of our products.